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In 1979, Grahm Junior College Boston Massachusetts graduated it's last class and closed it's doors forever. It's specialty was TV/Radio Broadcasting (although Secretarial and Hotel/Motel Management where also majors.) Although Grahm is long gone, many of it's graduates remain successfully and gainfully employed in TV/Radio. This site, and others dedicated to the memories of Grahm, attempts to preserve some of those memories.

One thing for sure:  you'll need the Real Player to listen to these arichecks and production.  It may be on your computer already… if it's not, download the free software. Click here to get the latest version

Hello fellow Grahmites.  As anyone who has recently visited this site knows, we are re-building., that used to offer free web server space has discontinued their service.  Most all of the files on the site were lost in the service disruption. I've decided to use additional server space from my main web site,
Northeast Airchecks for this Grahm material. 

I do still have the original contributions you folks have made on tape, and am re-transferring that material.  I will email all alumni when I am finished with the transfer.  In the meantime, check back every once in a while, and watch the site re-grow.  Thanks for you patience with this process.

Eric Elmendorf

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WCSB Station ID/Class Project.  This one sounds like a project that contributor and Grahm Reunion 2001 guru Joanne Peterson put together for an early radio production class… it's significant  in that it features a great station ID.  The bed was cut together by Entercom's Jim Rising, and it was voiced by Clear Channel's Bill Lally.  In my humble opinion, the ID was one of the better pieces of production to come out of Grahm.

The Frog Prince"  Grahm Student Production circa 1973.  Hereby submitted for you listening pleasure is this Grahm production from reunion guru Joanne Peterson.  Probably most notable for the inclusion of Mark (Summers) Berkowitz as the frog, it also features Rosemary Guelpa, David Mess, and Laurence Milner as Tad Pole.  Sounds like it was originally produced for a course entitled "Stereo Production".  You'll enjoy hearing Ro and Mark ham it up! 

WCSB "Beef 'N' Bird" Commercial, circa 1970.  Doug Neatrour, '71 writes:  "The Grahm Junior College "world famous" school cafeteria was the "Beef and Bird".  Believe it or not, the school apparently contracted for advertising time over WCSB, carrier current 640 AM.  This 60 second spot by student Mike Harris will make you want to try to go back and visit the now closed eating establishment."  Umm, okay Doug… but did you eat at the same place we did?… thanks!

WCSB Jay Douglas Morning Show, 1971.  Doug Neatrour, '71 offers:  " From our "most embarrassing radio shows in life" audio vault, comes a WCSB air check, dated 1971.  Featured in the station Program Director, Doug Neatrour, who used the professional name of "Jay Douglas".  Today, Doug operates a small Spanish music radio station in Lebanon, Pennsylvania.  You can check out his web site at  My, my...we have come a long way!" 

Grahm Junior College Promotional Record, 1970.  Doug Neatrour, '71 states "In 1970, in an effort to enhance enrollment, GJC produced a promotional record that tells potential students why they should come to Boston and attend Grahm.  The voice on the promotional record is believed to be that of Richard Mallary, a radio instructor at the school. "  This one is a real slice of history… it alludes to the turmoil of the '60's, social consciousness, and the whole ball of wax.  It sure sounds like Mallary to me Doug!

Chris Warren on WCSB 1971.   Warren Garling, who left Grahm in 1971 and went into a successful radio career for many years after, wrote to tell me that he really didn't think much of this aircheck… but I thought it might bring back some pleasant memories for Grahmites of the school year 70-71.  Garling's story has a happy ending. He is still on the air at WTRY in the Albany NY market, and sounding great!  You can hear more of Warren at, under the same air name of Chris Warren.

Bob Cruz as "Johnny Michaels" on WCSB in 1971.  Cruz, who became GM of WCSB after Steve Garsh departed Grahm, did an airshift at 'CSB before his promotion.  This is a very brief aircheck, is a pretty far representation of the way he sounded, as I remember.  If you listen carefully, you can hear the studio acoustics… Cruz preferred to run the monitor loud in the studio while a board op (probably me) took care of the details.  He liked the sound of the arrangement, because he thought it sounded close to a reverb, like his favorite station, WABC. (Catch the WABC aircheck of Cruz way down below.) This one is a reunion gift, provided by reunion guru Joanne Peterson

WCSB Contest Promo "Boston Sounds" 1969.  Just name the Boston groups and win a night on the town from 'CSB.  OK, Orpheus "Can't Find the Time" is one… but what the hell were the other groups?  UPDATE: Steve emailed me to tell me that one of the groups is "Ultimate Spinach"! It's like totally heavy, man... and a grand contribution from '69 grad Steve Hadd!

Cary Pall on WTLB Utica NY 1973.  This aircheck of Cary (using the inexplicable name of "Rock Marshall") less than a year after he left Grahm, features tight board work and "heavy personality".  This aircheck came close to getting him a job at WRKO.  Listen and enjoy… it comes from my personal collection of airchecks.

Ken Barlow on WDOT Burlington VT in 1976.  After leaving Grahm in 1973, Barlow worked at WCFR and WKNE Keene NH.  He was well known in Burlington as the night rocker on WDOT, and has had career stops at WPTR Albany NY,  WAQY Springfield MA and WHDQ Claremont NH (among others).  He's now the VP of Programming for the northeast's Vox Media Group.

Warren Garling as Jesse James on WSNY Schenectady, NY 1970Before he entered Grahm in September of 1970, Garling was already working professionally as a broadcaster in his hometown.  As a graduate of the "WSNY Trainee Program", he worked his way into an on-call position.  Garling went on to work at other Albany area stations, including 11 years at Country WGNA and six years at WRVE.  Right now, he still on the air, at WTRY.  You can hear more of Warren at Northeast Airchecks, under the air name of Chris Warren.

Eric (Engineer) Elmendorf as Rick Kelly on WHMP Northampton MA in 1992.  After graduating Grahm in the summer of 1973, Eric briefly worked at Beautiful Music WHRL in Albany NY, and was quickly fired.  Grahm buddy Ken Barlow helped him get a gig at Top 40 WCFR in September of 1973, starting his full time and part time radio career that spanned into the 1990's.  This aircheck is from my last radio gig, CHR at WHMP-FM.

Jim Rising on WCFR Springfield, VT 1975.  After Grahm, Rising went directly to WKNE, Keene NH.  He made a stop at WCFR and WLNH in Laconia NH working for Sconnix.  From 'LNH he made his way to Springfield, MA and mornings at WHYN.  Shortly thereafter, when WAQY broke away from automated rock, he became PD of the legendary WACKY 102FM.  Rising, even though he was sure he would not be around after he hit 35, has been in the Scranton PA area for the last 20 years.  He is now a group PD for Entercom.

Bob Cruz on WABC NYC in 1976.  A famous resident of the fourth floor of Leavitt Hall, and General Manager of WCSB in '72-73, Cruz was fond of boasting of his ambition to get to WABC.  We all laughed, but after stops in Albany and Florida, Cruz realized his dream, and then worked for ABC as the voice for 20/20.  His life ended years ago, but will be remembered as one of the high profile Grahm alumni.  You can read more about Cruz at .  This aircheck is  lifted from that website.

WCSB Intros and Sweepers, 1971.  It never ceases to amaze me that there our still sounds from the life of WCSB around, and this reel contributed by Grahm grad Dennis Fleurant '72 is a stunner!  The sweepers are voiced by Warren Garling and Doug Neatrour, and this package also includes a WCSB News Promo featuring the voice of Grahm founder Milton Grahm announcing his resignation effective June, 1971.  Contributor Fleurant is still in broadcasting, working as a Program Editor for ABC Affiliate KNXV-TV in Phoenix.  He asked me to try and edit out all the "ka-chunks" in between cuts… but there is a very Wollensack feel to 'em, so I left them in!  Thanks, Dennis!

"Fantastic Foul Chicken Man" 1969 Class Project.  Steve Hadd, '69 writes:  Most people in radio remember the series… we were given the assignment to produce a radio documentary, and our group chose "Chicken Man".  We already had some of the Chicken Man episodes on vinyl, and the knowledge that Jim Runyon and his Boston were at WHDH.  One of our team, Mike Gitlin, was able to contact Jim Runyon who agreed to do an interview over the phone from his home.  It all worked out well… good enough to give the group an A".  It's nice work, but what about the famous cry "He's everywhere, he's everywhere!"?  What a great contribution Steve, my thanks!

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This site is put together and dedicated to the alumni of the former Grahm Junior College/Cambridge School of Business and Broadcasting.  Both audio and video contributions are welcomed to this site.  If you are an alumni, I am always happy to hear from you.  Please email me by clicking here .  Thanks for listening!